Crema di Melone
Crema di MeloneCrema di Melone

Melon Cream


A fresh and tasty liqueur, perfect for a not-conventional break as well as to decorate cakes and ice creams.

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Product Description

Sold in elegant 50cl bottles, with an alcohol content of 17°, the Melon Cream is a delicious liqueur cream combining the fresh and pleasant taste of melon to the sweetness of milk.
To be enjoyed fresh both as a pleasant dessert and with cakes and ice cream.
Ingredients: Pasteurised skimmed milk, sugar, alcohol, natural flavourings, colouring E110 20 cl decorated, 50 cl 20% vol.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

Bottiglia da cl. 70


latte scremato; pastorizzato; zucchero; alcool; aromi naturali; colorante E11020 cl decorata, 50 cl 20% vol.


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