Limoncello Artigianale

Limoncello handmade of Amalfi (cl. 20 – vol. 30°)


Obtained from the infusion of the peels of the typical lemon of the Amalfi coast (PGI “Sfusato” Amalfi lemon), the Limoncello is a fresh and tasty handmade liqueur, that can be enjoyed either alone or as an accompaniment to dessert, ice cream, fruit salad or in the preparation of cream.

Product Description

It is the liqueur that best respresents the colors and scents of the Amalfi coast. Obtained from the infusion of the peels of PGI “Sfusato” Amalfi lemon, its taste is dense and mellow. To be served chilled in chilled glasses, in order to enhance its flavor. Its digestive qualities makes it an excellent dessert.
Ingredients: Alcohol hydrate, sugar, “limone costa d’Amalfi IGP”. Quantity of lemons used: 480g/lt 20 cl decorated – 50 cl, 25% vol.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

Bottiglia da cl. 70


Alcool idrato, zucchero, limone costa d’amalfi I.G.P. (limoni utilizzati 480 g./lt prodotto finito) 20 cl decorata – 50 cl – 70 cl, 30% vol.


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